Alexander Skurve | Dæhlie Ambassadør


Alexander Skurve

Birthdate: 23.10.92
Home: Sandnes

Your favorite workout:

Long intervals 12x3:30 at threshold pace.

Your favorite training arena:

Long runs in the open.

Alexander Skurve | Dæhlie Ambassadør
Alexander Skurve | Dæhlie Ambassadør Alexander Skurve | Dæhlie Ambassadør

How do you dress for your workouts:

- When it’s cold outside: Wool as a base layer, a thin training jacket, long pants, gloves and a neck gaiter.

- When it’s warm outside: Shorts and a tank top.

Your Favorite Dæhlie outfit:

The Oxygen shorts and an orange tank top (Singlet Gear).

What does your regular training week look like:

Monday: 8 km run
Tuesday: Long intervals 12x3:30 (circa 15 km)
Wednesday: Free or strength training for my legs
Thursday: short intervals 16x1 (circa 11 km)
Friday: circa 10km run
Saturday: tempo training: 2 km warmup, 8 km at threshold pace, 2 km cool down run
Sunday: long run 15-18 km

I’ve always loved sports. I began with football when I was five. I liked running and when I was 20 I decided to push myself to run a half marathon. I thought it was really fun so I began to take part in several of these races, and improved every time to the point that I was in the top of the rankings, which was very motivating. The training also got easier compared to the beginning.

My sister and brother in law also run, so trying to keep them behind me was a motivation. A bit of family rivalry is good. I have always followed cross-country skiing, and as a kid, I cheered on Bjørn Dæhlie. To have been running the test race of Dæhlie as well as become and ambassador and getting to run with his fantastic latest collection is very motivating.