dæhlie classic vs modern

Dæhlie 365December 7th

Classic VS Modern

With Dæhlie Sportswear you have the opportunity to create your own identity. Everyone who goes cross-country, regardless of intensity, should feel that the clothes help you perform at your very best. Whether it's about fit and functionality or whether it's about feeling fast and modern is individual. We believe it should be possible to achieve both, that`s why we are introducing classic VS modern.

Find your favourite

There are many active cross-country skiers, ranging from elite athletes to the average Joe, who like to stay in shape. Calling yourself a cross-country skier is a high threshold for some. But to say that you love skiing, we think many can recognize themselves with. It`s important that everyone can find their identity through the outfit. Whether you are going to ski fast with a high heart rate or if you are going for a leisurely outing, the clothes are important.

This is important because the experience of a cross-country skiing, regardless of intensity, will be much better when you find your favorite clothes. The clothes should first and foremost fit well, they should ventilate well and preferably protect against weather and wind.

dæhlie classic vs modern dæhlie classic vs modern

Choose your identity

Now you can choose your identity. Do you prefer the classic style in navy blue, a slightly toned down variant or go for a more modern style with seasonal colors and matching jacket and trousers.

Dæhlie gives you the opportunity to choose the same technically good product, but with two different expressions where you can create an identity that suits you. We believe that you get to show you`re full potential when you feel that the outfit tells a little about who you are.

dæhlie classic vs modern dæhlie classic vs modern