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Eigil Tarjem | Dæhlie Ambassadør


Eigil Tarjem

Birthdate: 26.09.87
Home: Oslo

Your favorite workout:

My favorite workouts are the long runs where I pack the running backpack, put on a Dæhlie hat and trek in the forest or the mountains. They have become a form of meditation for me, and they allow me to shed all the stress and things to do and just go with the flow for a few hours.

Your favorite training arena:

I like running in nature the best, and mostly run on trails or terrain, so my “favourite arenas” are the forest or the mountain.

Eigil TarjemEigil Tarjem

How do you dress for your workouts:

- When it’s cold outside: When it’s cold outside I focus on layering up on the strategic points of my body that lose the most heat, like my neck and my head. I don’t like running with thick clothes, regardless of how cold it is. Therefore, winter tights and a base layer with a windbreaker, a buffer, hat and gloves are usually enough for me during winter. I’d rather layer up than wear a think jacket.

- When it’s warm outside: I get extremely warm when I run, so when it’s warm outside the only rule is: as little and as light clothing as possible. A running tank top and short shorts are winners.

Your Favorite Dæhlie outfit:

The RAW Athlete T-Shirt on top with the Oxygen Shorts on the bottom are always safe bets when it’s a bit warm. The Oxygen Shorts especially are my favorites and the best shorts I’ve ever run in, and I’ve tried on a lot.

What does your regular training week look like:

I alternate between weeks where I focus on distance with weeks in which I focus on speed or altitude. The general structure is a hard cardio/weight/combination training in the evening, with a more relaxed, often longer, workout the next morning on an empty stomach. As a rule, I run 5-6 times a week. This amounts to about 70-100km per week, depending on what the focus of the week is.