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Hanne Luneborg

Born 27 years ago
From Tromsø
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Tell us about about yourself.

My name is Hanne Luneborg and I come from a small town in Northern Norway called Harstad. For my day job I work as an educator in a kindergarten in Tromsø, which I enjoy a lot. I spend most of my free time with my partner or friends, and my favorite thing to do is to join them on a trip to the mountains or for a good meal.

What is your relationship to exercise?

I have a very relaxed attitude to exercise, but I do live an active life and I like to keep busy. Some of my favorite activities are ones that don’t necessarily feel like exercise. I really love to go mountain skiing, on randonnee ski trips to mountain summits and on hikes in the mountains, and I like going on an easy run. I prefer to exercise outdoors all year round.

What a week’s exercise looks like for you?

A week’s exercise changes a lot from week to week for me. It generally depends on the weather and wind and what the snow conditions are like, if any. If the weather’s good and there’s a lot of snow, skiing will usually win over anything else. A run is never a bad thing for me either.

Favorite workout:

My favorite workout has to be a day-long hike in the mountains, preferably in the summer in Northern Norway with the midnight sun in the sky.

Favorite place to exercise:

My favorite place to exercise is in the mountains, definitely. Either on skis or on my own feet!

hanne luneborg | Team Dæhliehanne luneborg | Team Dæhlie

What is important to you in what you wear during exercise?

The most important thing for me when it comes to the clothes I wear during exercise is comfort and function. Clothes need to fit well and be of good quality, sustainable and hard-wearing. I usually follow the layering principle when I’m exercising, which makes it easier to regulate my temperature. Wool is also a sure winner, because it regulates body temperature and absorbs moisture well.

What inspires you to be the best you can be?

I get a lot of inspiration from social media and I think it’s important to think carefully about who you choose to be influenced by. Follow people who make you feel good, inspired and like you’re good enough, and unfollow the ones who give you negative vibes or make you feel bad.

What are your favorite social media channels right now?

Instagram and YouTube are my favorite channels—there are so many inspiring people to follow!

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