Helene Melsom | Dæhlie Ambassadør


Helene Melsom

Birthdate: 29.02.96
Home: Oslo

Your favorite workout:

I like long and tough workouts, so my favorite is threshold training. Then I get just the right amount of lactic acid and can exercise with a high intensity over a longer period of time. A typical workout is 20 minutes at moderate pace, right into 30 minutes at threshold pace, or 10x1000 meters with a one-minute break. I also really like relaxed long-distance skiing, preferably in the Nordmarka Forest North of Oslo. There are very few things that beat a Sunday there when it’s negative five degrees and the sun shines.

Your favorite training arena:

Nordmarka is my favorite for long distance, regardless of the season. Otherwise I am also a fan of Sognsvann (a lake north of Oslo), Voldsløkka (stadium) and Frognerkilen (a bay of the Oslo Fjord) for harder workouts, since I like to run against the clock and compare my times.

Helene MelsomHelene Melsom

How do you dress for your workouts:

- When it’s cold outside: I get very cold very easily, but I hate feeling bulky. It just reminds me of kindergarten when I had to wear this huge snow suit and couldn’t move my arms. So, I usually wear wool closest to my body and a completely windproof outside. I also like to wear a vest on the outside, to keep my upper body warm, and so that my body can prioritize sending blood to my arms, finders, legs and toes. I also pay attention to not wearing so many layers that I sweat, since it makes me cold too.

- When it’s warm outside: Then I want to have as much air as possible, so prefer to run with loose shorts and a tank top.

Your Favorite Dæhlie outfit:

The Endorfin shorts and the Gear singlet on warm days. They have fresh colours and fit perfectly! On cooler, windier days the Raw tights, training wool summer t-shirt (potentially the long-sleeve variant if it’s cold) and the Raw jacket are perfect. The tights sit perfectly in place and do not ride up during my workouts. A wool t-shirt keeps the heat in regardless of whether there is a bit of moisture, and the jacket is water- and windproof while also allowing a full range of motion during the entire workout.

What does your regular training week look like:

A regular training week really varies for me, and depends on how much studying I have to do. Generally, a regular week is composed of three medium to hard workouts, 1-2 short strength workouts, 4-6 jogs of 20-40 minutes, and a long run. I like to alternate between the elliptical, skiing or biking instead of jogging sometimes. During winter I do all the long runs on skis, and how much I train varies from week to week. I’m a bit hyperactive, and don’t really like to just sit still.