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Henrik Schjølberg

Birthdate: 01.03.82
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Your favorite workout:

I have many but if I were to choose one it would be the long trips in the forest or the mountains. There you get time to enjoy the surroundings.

Your favorite training arena:

The Norwegian mountains! Preferably bare mountains, but also in deep forests where the trees are your roof.

Henrik SchjølbergHenrik Schjølberg

How do you dress for your workouts:

- When it’s cold outside: I put on a warm long sleeve shirt under a windproof jacket on top, and tights with a bit of insulating fabric on the bottom.

- When it’s warm outside: Thin clothes that give a good degree of ventilation and preferably that fit my body tightly.

Your Favorite Dæhlie outfit:

The Raw Athlete jacket is fantastic on cold and windy days. Under that I wear the Summer Training Wool. I also wear the Endorfin tights. On warm days I prefer to wear shorts like Tights Focus Mid and a short-sleeve Training Wool Summer.

What does your regular training week look like:

Monday: Lighter pace biking for circa 60-90min
Tuesday: Interval running for circa 60min
Wednesday: Swimming for circa 45min
Thursday: Training break
Friday: Running, lighter pace for circa 60min, preferably terrain
Saturday: Long bike ride with increasing intensity
Sunday: Long run for circa 90min