Norwegian National Ski Team01 June

Ingvild Flugstad Østberg

Ingvild is 27 years old and is a part of the Norwegian National Ski Team.

Sports Club: Gjøvik Ski Club
Living in: Oslo
Born: 09.11.1990
Team: Women Sprint

Ingvild grew up in Gjøvik, Oppland and was born on November 9th 1990. She is a part of the Gjøvik Ski Club and she had her debute in the World Cup in 2008 and got her first World Cup victory in Davos in 2014. She has since then been one of the best cross-country skiers both in sprint and allround.

Her stability shows through 11 World Cup victories and a total of 47 placements on the podium in the World Cup. During the Olympics in Pyeongchang in 2018, she got an individual gold medal in the 4 x 5 km relay with her team from the Norwegian National Ski Team.

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Ingvild out running and skiing.

Your favorite training session?
Uphill moosewalk with poles. Repetitions of 6 + 5 + 4 + 4 + 4 minutes, with 2-3 minutes breaks inbetween. Increasing the heartbeat and intensity as you go. A fun and heavy session!

Your favorite dry venue?
Seiser Alm in Italy. Magnificent panorama of mountains. Lots of hilly paths to run, but also green luscious fields. There’s lots of fresh air, relaxing atmosphere and fair weather.

Your favorite running surface?
Trails in the woods that have a combination of dry even parts and more challenging parts with roots, rubble and stones. The moorlands are also much fun, it suits my kind of skiers step.

Your favourite training camp?
Again, the answer is Seiser Alm. Either my travel experience is too limited, or I’ve found heaven on earth. I choose to belive the latter. There I can combine training, sun, relaxation, mountains and really good food.