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If it is one thing we know, it is that the weather can be unpredictable, regardless of season, so a good running jacket is always a good investment, and a need-to-have product for every runner.

Your running jacket has to give you protection from biting winds and those dreadful rainy showers that autumn brings, but it should first and foremost be breathable to keep you from overheating. If it also is fit-to-perfection, you feel comfortable when running with a jacket, when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

With our new jacket guide for running we help you find the right jacket for the right weather. We have divided our jackets into weather types to easily show you what to wear when the sun is out, or when the rain is pouring down on a cold November morning. Read through the guide and we'll show you the jackets that best suits you for your use.


For windy harvest days

For you who run with high intensity in windy autumn days when the degree creeps down.

Jacket Run is a thin, lightweight running jacket in microfiber with a hood. It provides light protection in cold weather. The jacket has open ventilation to some extent on the back with a mesh panel in mesh protection. The hood has a small visor at the front for extra protection against the weather. The split in the side at the bottom of the jacket gives excellent mobility while running. The front zipper zips right up with comfortable chin protection. A breast pocket with a zipper for small items. The reflective panels provide good visibility in the dark.


For high intensity in cold and windy weather

Cold autumn and winter weather, preferably a little sleet. A light jacket for the runner with high intensity.

Jacket Coverage is a light running jacket with a hood, designed for exercising in cold weather. The jacket is made from a quick-drying, wind- and water-repellent soft shell material. On the inside of the jacket, the upper part is lined with mesh panels, which provide extra insulation. Thin mesh panels under the sleeves release moisture and provide good ventilation where most needed. Mesh inner cuffs, with comfortable elastic at the end, provide good protection against the weather and wind on the sleeves. The hood has an adjustable drawstring at the back. There is a mesh panel inside the hood with an elastic edge. This means that the hood will stay up when you run in windy weather. Laser-cut holes at the top of the back provide extra ventilation. A breast pocket with zipper and a reflective edge. The front zipper zips right up with comfortable chin protection.


For the runner with high intensity

Cold autumn and winter weather, preferably a little sleet. Light jacket for the runner with high intensity.

Jacket Winter Run 2.0 is the perfect running jacket for cold temperatures. It feels almost weightless, even with insulating padding. By using Primaloft Cross Core, the world's lightest padding, you get a running jacket with a low weight overall, but providing optimum insulation and ventilation in the right areas. The padding gives you a heat-protection layer in front, over the shoulders and down the sleeves to the elbow. A two-way front zip allows you to run with the jacket partially open, either from the bottom or the top. The tailored sleeves, designed to give the best fit, have elastic cuffs at the ends. The jacket has plenty of reflective panels in both the front and back, providing maximum visibility in the dark. They are not visible on the jacket in daylight, but are clearly visible when you need them. Laser-cut holes on the back ensure good ventilation. A small pocket on the back with a zipper.


When extra insulation is important

Cold and crispy weather, perfect for winter running when extra insulation is important during the run.

Jacket Seamless Push is a lightweight running jacket meant for training in cold temperatures. The jacket comes with a wind- and water-repellent front, and a chest pocket on the left side. The rest of the jacket consists of a light seamless material in knit mesh, which provides good mobility and ventilation. This running jacket features “push/pull” technology with a polyamide interior and polyester exterior. This technology wicks moisture away from the body, leaving you feeling dry during activity. Higher collar for good protection in tough weather conditions. Large reflective details for good visibility.


For windy summer days

Cool and windy summer days. Lightweight wind-repellent running jacket with protective hood, for you who run with high intensity.

Jacket Spring is an ultra-lightweight hooded jacket, designed for high-intensity training. It weighs only 100 g per m2 and can be packed in a small pocket, making it very easy to take with you when on the move. Large mesh panels on the upper part of the back and under the sleeves provide good ventilation. Quick-drying material with good wicking keeps the jacket dry during exercise. Button under zipper on the chest for running with open jacket. Adjustable hood with drawstring and ribbon with round stretch hood for optimal fit. Thumb hole at the bottom of the sleeves.


For the year-round runner who needs extra protection

Tough weather conditions with a lot of wind and rain, intended for the year-round runner who needs extra protection in bad weather.

Jacket Skyrun is a technical running jacket intended for running under harsh weather conditions in which protection is important. Wind- and water-proof 3-layer nylon with a good stretch, plus welded and taped seams. High collar and adjustable hood provide a good head protection. Good ventilation under the arms and on the back. Waterproof and quilted breast pocket adds extra insulation for a cellphone, allowing its battery to last longer in cold conditions. Bent articulated sleeves that end with an elastic cuff with extra protection for the back of the hand. Two-way front zip allows you to run with the jacket partially open, either from the bottom or from the top. Reflective details for good visibility. Embedded drawstring at the bottom of the jacket for individual adjustments.