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How do I find the perfect Nordic ski jacket?

With our jacket guide we help you find the right jacket. We have divided our jackets into heart rate zones from 1-5 based on activity. Read through the guide to find your heart rate zone and we'll show you the jackets that best suits you for your use.

What heart rate zone will I spend most of my time in?

When faced with a multiple choice of Nordic ski jackets we recommend you to start with considering your main heart rate zone while skiing. If you normally do high-intensity training you need a ski jacket where breathability is more important than insulation. Do you prefer low-intensity training or go skiing with your kids most of the time, you probably find yourself more often in heart rate zone 1-2 and need a comfortable fit and insulation to keep you warm.

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Low-intensity exercise makes insulation and comfortable fit the main priorities for the outfit.

How are the surroundings where I ski the most?

Think about where you spend most of your time skiing. If you are regularly in the high mountains and exposed to variable weather, you might consider a hood on your jacket. Do you rather just do laps on the stadium, a hood is less important.

What about the temperature?

Temperature can also be a crucial factor. In minus 2 degrees Celsius, insulation is less important than if it’s minus 15. However, this becomes less important the higher your heart rate is. Temperature is best noticed once you stop. Rule of thumb indicates that you should always start out being a little bit cold, at least if you’re expecting to reach heart rate zone 3 or higher.

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This is known as moderate intensity training. Your breathing starts to quicken and you´ll probably break out a sweat. Ventilation features become more important at this stage.

What should I know about the materials of the jacket?

Most of the jackets from Dæhlie comes with a wind and water-resistant front. Soft shell is the most common material in our jackets because of its exceptional breathability features and its ability to transport moisture away from the body while at the same time protect you against wind. You should consider the thickness of the material once you buy a jacket for Nordic skiing – the higher the heart rate zone you’re skiing in, the more lightweight the jacket should be.
Some of our jackets also come with technical wool combinations. Wool is a natural material that provides warmth, but what fewer people know is that wool is also naturally temperature-regulating and have an excellent ability to transport moisture away from your body. Read more about our technical wool products in Wool Works .

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Now you are working out with a high intensity. Breathability and lightweight materials are important to keep going in this zone.