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Line Løvberg

DOB: 26.08.1996
Living in: Oslo
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Your favorite workout:

I think it’s important to vary my workouts, and I also try to maintain a balance between running and strength training. A 10 km run in the woods, interval training on the treadmill, and circuit training with weights are certainly my three favorites.

Your favorite training arena:

I mostly train around Valle, but for running, my mind and my body like gravel paths best.

I swim at Frognerbadet, an outdoor swimming pool, when it’s sunny. It’s great to get some exercise while also working on my tan.

line lovbergline lovberg

When it comes to clothes, what is important to you when you’re training?

- When it’s cold outside I run cold in general, so when it’s cold outside, I tend to put on too many layers rather than not enough. I’ll often wear a thin wool layer on the inside and something close-fitting/insulating on the outside.

- When it’s hot: Light, airy, technical clothing.

Your favorite Dæhlie outfit:

Hard to choose just one. As it’s hot outside now, I’m a big fan of the Shorts Oxygen and the T-shirt Endorfin. The super-lightweight (Intense) running jacket is also a big favorite of mine.

What does a normal training week look like for you?

I try to get in five training sessions every week. Pre-Covid, there was a lot of variety in my training schedule, including running, strength training, and swimming. But during the pandemic, I’ve mostly been running.

Goals for the 2021/2022 running season:

Do a 10 km run. I've only done 5 km runs and half-marathons competitively in the past, so I haven’t dared set a time limit. I aim to enjoy myself but also push myself out of my comfort zone.

line lovberg