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Line Maltun Helland

DOB: 03.03.2001
Living in: Oslo
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Your favorite workout:

2x10x200 meters on the track with a one-minute break. Serial breaks of about five minutes. A speed slightly above the threshold. I can usually up the pace a little towards the end.

3x300 meters all-out. Eight-minute break. A proper lactic acid workout is popular this season!

Your favorite training arena:

Bislett Stadium on a hot summer’s day

Line MaltunLine Maltun

When it comes to clothes, what is important to you when you’re training?

- When it’s cold outside: We often have long breaks during our training sessions, so it is important to dress properly for training. We have to keep our legs warm. I nearly always have warm tights or sports trousers. The clothes should offer warmth and protection, but, at the same time, feel light and relatively loose.

- When it’s hot: When it’s hot, we should feel good, too. So I wear clothes that are as light and airy as possible. My favorites are short running tights, or shorts and a sports bra. .

Your favorite Dæhlie outfit:

Jacket Intense A super-lightweight jacket with good ventilation and insulation that also feels light. I love wearing this when warming up. T-Shirt Focus: A nice, lightweight T-shirt that provides good ventilation. Not too tight and feels good when it gets hot.
Shorts Oxygen: I’m a big fan of short shorts! The lightweight tights on the inside are super stretchy and easy to move in.
Airnet Wool A favorite for both winter and summer. I like to combine shorts with a thin wool sweater that regulates my body temperature nicely.

What does a normal training week look like for you?

The amount of training varies depending on the season—more quality and less quantity during the summer. Nevertheless, the structure of each week is relatively similar throughout the year:

- 2 sprint sessions with studded shoes: one short sprint and one long sprint
- 2 strength training sessions
- 2 aerobic interval sessions. Typically 2 minutes on the treadmill, or 200–300 meters on the track
- 2 slow paced long-runs: One alternative (cross-country skiing, roller skiing or similar) and one run
- Sunday is always a rest day

Goals for the 2021/2022 running season:

My goals for the season are to improve my personal record in the 400 meters and also to test myself on a few 800-meter races. Getting a good time on the 800 meters would be a bonus!

Line Maltun