Dæhlie 365October 15th


In collaboration with Broslo, DÆHLIE launches this collection designed to honor the next generation – in particular their daring determination to break boundaries.

A generation willing to sacrrifice it all

With this technical collection perfected for nordic skiing, DÆHLIE wants to highlight that we are committed to the coming generations. With our cutting-edge technology, we are giving them the arena to showcase exactly how unique they are. A generation willing to sacrifice everything to reach the top, and beat the records sat by the heroes of today. That takes strength, courage and, of course, the right attire that will carry their conviction.

Season Start Winter 20 DÆHLIE X BROSLO

A need for more

DÆHLIE knows that this generations everyday is vastly different than the first generation of nordic skiers. The expansion of the arenas they have to excel in – now having to perform at school, the sports arena as well as digital platforms – poses a greater challenge for them to find their inner strength and ego. DÆHLIE believes that this signifies their need for more. Now more than ever, they have to be one of a kind, build their own brand both digitally and socially, and stand out.

Brave enough to be themselves

We approached Broslo with the task of creating a youthful design that could encompass the next generations determination to be outstanding. We wanted a daring print that would appeal to the new generation of nordic skiers. The ones that are brave enough to be themselves, show emotion, take a stand. With this, the NextGen Collection showcases the importance of staying in touch with your inner child.


No rules, no boundaries

Broslo came up with the concept of “No rules, no boundaries”, conveying that anything is possible for the ones that are daring to aim high. This is exactly what we at DÆHLIE are pursuing. DÆHLIE intends to further promote talents, both the ones we already know, and the up-and- coming.


Find your inner child

With this new collection, DÆHLIE is reaching out to the next generation and saying Find your inner child, and stay sure that you can do whatever you set your mind to. Be you – always. In doing so, we are dedicating ourselves to do as they do: dare to be different, dare to pursue perfection, and take pride in standing out.