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Dæhlie 365February 22nd


The biggest highlight of the season is here, the World Championship in Oberstdorf. Take a look at this year's World Champs Collection.

A season with the World Championship in Oberstdorf as the biggest highlight

Now it's off to a new World Championship in the nordic disciplines, this time it`s hosted in Oberstdorf, Germany. After the success in Seefeld two years ago, DÆHLIE will once again dress up the Norwegian cross-country team with outfits for the warm-up, competition and for the podium. We want to give you a little look at the outfits the Norwegian cross-country team will be wearing at the World Championship.

dæhlie oberstdrof

Knowledge from the world's best cross - country team

The designers at DÆHLIE take all the knowledge and all the feedback from the world's best cross - country team and have put together a collection even rawer than what we have seen before. This World Champs collection ranges from the rawest you can find on the market when it comes to high-tech competition wear, to the heritage Norwegian ski outfit with anorak and knickers.

Emil says: "If I have to pick out a favorite from this year's World Champs collection, it must be the new race suit. The race suit is always completely magical when it is new, and it fits perfectly!"


The race suit is always completely magical when it is new, and it fits perfectly!

Brand Hero, Emil Iversen

dæhlie oberstdrof
dæhlie oberstdrof dæhlie oberstdrof

Delivers at the highest level

What we want with this collection is to show that we can deliver at the highest level both in terms of technology, fit, modern design and meet the demands for new development.

dæhlie oberstdrof dæhlie oberstdrof