Same brand, new identity


Cross-country legend Bjørn Dæhlie pushed the limits of his sport in the 1990s. He raked in Olympic medals and world championships. He established his eponymous brand in 1996, at the height of his career. For 20 years, we have developed innovative and optimized clothing for cross-country skiers.

Now we are entering a new phase.


“We celebrate our anniversary by looking forward. We take advantage of our unique market position and long experience with cross-country clothing to develop innovative apparel for endurance activities. At this point we are taking DÆHLIE into new arenas. To everyone’s arena”, says Linda Linnebo, Marketing Director, DÆHLIE Sportswear.


At this point we are taking DÆHLIE into new arenas. To everyone’s arena

- Linda Linnebo, Marketing Director, DÆHLIE Sportswear


It’s time for a new brand expression that visualizes our values and strategy for the future. Bjørn Dæhlie’s signature logo is replaced by a new, bold and more technical symbol and our brand name is simplified to DÆHLIE. The new logo is aimed at reaching a younger consumer group and it’s also customized for a digital era. In addition to our logo, you will find an extensive use of the diagonal shape and pattern. This identity element symbolizes our proactive attitude and our high focus on performance. The brand colors are black, white and vibrant orange. White represents snow, black symbolizes high performance and orange embodies our urge to always do better. The new brand identity with its clean design emphasizes our goals for the future: To pursue perfection and maximize performance. When using your next DÆHLIE item, we hope you will enjoy the new look and experience our dedication to detail and design.

A new generation of athletes is ready to continue the legacy. DÆHLIE is the proud official supplier for the Norwegian Cross-Country Ski Team. A team filled with Bjørn Dæhlie’s successors, some of the very best female and male athletes of today. “I am honored that these fine athletes want to cooperate with us to develop the best products for the best performance. I am sure they will take DÆHLIE to further outstanding victories”, says brand founder Bjørn Dæhlie.

In this we continue the champion’s attitude and ideals as well as our Norwegian skiing heritage.

Brand founder Bjørn Dæhlie’s guts, integrity and focus on results made him one of the most successful winter Olympians of all times. It is this passion that enables us to dress up a new generation of winning athletes

- Linda Linnebo, Marketing Director, DÆHLIE Sportswear


DÆHLIE is still made for, and by, people with a passion for cross-country skiing. Whether you hit the ultimate training session, or you are doing your weekly long distance laps at your favorite arena. Or just chasing your kids along the white tracks on a crisp weekend morning.

Same brand, new identity

Our design is clean, real and contemporary without anything superfluous that take away the focusfrom your achievements. Our clothing inspires your winner instinct and makes you feel and look good.

The characteristic oblique line can remind you of the diagonal movement of a XC skier. This oblique line forms the starting point for the graphic pattern we have developed.

We have the worlds best products developed for cross-country skiers doing different forms of exercize - all year round. Our clothes have unique fit and quality.