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How do I find the perfect pair of Nordic ski pants?

With our new pants guide we help you find the right pant. We have divided our pants into heart rate zones from 1-5 based on activity. Read through the guide to find your heart rate zone and we'll show you the pants that best suits you, for your use.

What heart rate zone will I spend most of my time in?

By considering your most common heart rate zone when skiing, you will get an indication of the thickness of the material needed, the most proper fit, and the correct weighting between breathability and weather protection that will suit your purpose better. When you are moving in heart rate zone 1-2 you will need a pair of pants that insulate better than they breath, while in heart rate zone 4-5 good breathability and flexibility are the most important features.


Low-intensity exercise makes insulation and comfortable fit the main priorities for the outfit.

How are the surroundings where I ski the most?

Think about where you spend most of your time skiing. If you find yourselves regularly in the high mountains and exposed to variable weather, you might consider a pair of pants with extra wind protection on the thighs. Whereas if you spend most of your time doing laps on the stadium your biggest concern should be getting a pair of pants with good ventilation.

How do I find my perfect fit?

To find the perfect fit is probably the main concern when buying a pair of Nordic ski pants. The rule of thumb would be that when skiing in a high-intensity zone you would like the fit to be tighter to ensure minimal drag. While skiing at a low-intensity pace, you might want a loser fit – or even pants that you can easily slip on and off to adjust to your heart rate zone.
The perfect fit is also related to individual preferences. This is why we separate our pants in different categories of slim fit and regular fit. When a pair of pants are categorized as slim fit it means that they will sit close to your body. Some of our Nordic ski pants come with tights on the lower part of the leg to minimize drag as well as remove the zipper that can come into conflict with higher skiing shoes. When a pair of pants come with a regular fit, that means that they are more normal in form and size, and often come with zippers on the lower part of the pants to ensure easy adjustments.


This is known as moderate intensity training. Your breathing starts to quicken and you´ll probably break out a sweat. Ventilation features become more important at this stage.

What should I know about the materials of the pants?

Softshell is the most common material in our pants because of its exceptional breathability features and its ability to transport moisture away from the body while at the same time protect you against the wind. The thickness of the material determines which of the properties above is highlighted – when you are moving in a high-intensity pace wind protection becomes less important, while freedom of movement and high breathability become the most important features.
Some of our pants also come with technical wool combinations. Wool is a natural material that provides warmth, but what fewer people know is that wool is also naturally temperature-regulating and has an excellent ability to transport moisture away from your body. Read more about our technical wool products in Wool Works .


Limited Edition

Pants Power for women


Limited Edition

Pants Power for men


In heart rate zone 4 you are training with high intensity. At this stage it is important that your pants have the right fit for you, with focus on ventilation and mobility. Whether you go for a slimer fit or a slightly looser fit, you should be able to feel that the pants you have on help you to perform your very best.

What if I want a pair of pants that I can wear no matter the temperature or my heart rate zone?

If you have found your pair of Nordic ski pants after considering your most common heart rate zone as well as your favorite ski surroundings, you are now equipped for more than one type of skiing. You don’t need a new pair of pants for every occasion.
Layer up or down to adjust your pants for the intended use. Choose a base layer that goes with the current temperature. With temperature-regulating features, base layers made of wool will provide other benefits than synthetic base layers. If colder weather is coming in, put on a thicker base layer.

Are there jackets and pants that go together better than others?

A lot of people wonder why our pants don’t have the same names as our jackets, so it’s easy to choose a whole outfit. The reason for this is that no matter which pair of pants you choose, they all fit perfectly with all of our jackets.
You need to consider your preferences when it comes to fit and intended use. Even though you find yourself more often in a higher heart rate zone, you might still prefer a loser pair of pants. Head over to our webshop if you want to learn more about the specific properties of each product. Our recommendation of which pair of pants and jackets that go together can be found in our graphical representation of heart rate zones and temperatures above, and in our Dæhlie Jacket Guide .


This is known as maximum heart rate, and most likely your workout consists of short intervals that demand high breathability, lightweight materials, and optimal flexibility.

What’s in it for me if I buy the more expensive alternative?

No matter the pair of Nordic ski pants you end up with, the Dæhlie pants come with high-quality materials and technical features made for performance. The reason some products are more expensive than others is the need to optimize several features in one product. The fit, the durability, the flexibility of the material and the ventilation are all features that become more crucial the longer time you spend in the upper heart rate zones.

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This is what Klæbo is saying about the Power pant

This is my favorite pair of pants. It's the one I train in, warming up for competitions. So really I wish Dæhlie had only sent me the blue Power pants, and maybe sent me it in black as well. Because it's these pants I like best!