dæhlie retro jacket

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Say welcome to our LTD Retro Jacket. Here we have taken the retro 90's skidesign and moved it out to the urban scene.

dæhlie retro jacket dæhlie retro jacket


Let us take you back in time when Bjørn Dæhlie was the biggest cross-country star in the field. The era was back in the happy 90s. Bjørn was the athlete that the competitors feared the most. His track record is long, and speaks for itself:

  • Eight Olympic golds, six of them individual. In addition, he has four Olympic silver medals.

  • Nine World Cup golds, four of them in relay. In addition, he has several World Cup medals.

  • Six victories in the World Cup Overall, and top three ten years in a row from 1989/1990 to 1998/1999.

  • 46 individual victories in the World Cup. The first at 15 kilometers classic in Salt Lake City in 1989, the last at 10 kilometers classic in Lahti in 1999.

  • 16 National Championship titles.

dæhlie retro jacket


Like most athletes, Bjørn was a perfectionist, so he also wanted to utilize all aspects of his sport, including what he wore. In 1996, he began his journey with the Bjørn Dæhlie, and the development of world-class cross-country clothing, used by the world's best skiers on the Norwegian cross-country national team for the past 7 years.


We have now taken you back to the 90`s with a Retro jacket. Today we believe that such a jacket best suits your active lifestyle, and not in the slopes. .

The development and research on fast ski clothing have come a long way. But still we cannot forget the incredibly tough microfiber jacket "everyone" skied with back in the days. Today we believe it fits perfectly into an urban street scene with its retro look.

dæhlie retro jacket


Jacket Retro is a baggy microfiber cross-country jacket perfect for anyone who loves retro style. Ideal for a relaxed ski outing or as a durable pullover jacket for leisure use. The traditional elastic ribbed trim is placed in the neck, cuffs, and at the bottom of the jacket. The jacket is lined with a thin mech material for additional insulation. Bionic Finish Eco® technology on the fabric surface ensures that light rain and sleet run off. Two zippered hand pockets.!

dæhlie retro jacket
dæhlie retro jacket dæhlie retro jacket