Returns & Exchanges

If you wish to change sizes, or if you simply changed your mind about your purchase – you can return the product to us for a refund. We cannot exchange the product for you – you must place a new order if you need another color or size.

We offer return free of charge worldwide. Please take care of the pre-paid return sticker and the return form that you received with your shipment in case you will have to return products in your order.

You have the right to return products within 30 days – from the day you received your order – for a refund. All products must be in unused condition and have all tags attached. Please ship with secure packaging with the return form enclosed.

Please note: It is important that you ship with the pre-paid return sticker to make sure we receive the return to the correct address. If you have lost your sticker, please contact We cannot guarantee that we will receive and be able to approve returns shipped in any other way.

When we have received your return, we will issue a refund within 14 days. If you paid with a credit card the money will be transferred back to it. If you ordered using Klarna invoice – and the invoice is unpaid - we will adjust the invoice according to your return and you will receive a new invoice by email from Klarna. If you already paid your invoice the money will be transferred back to the credit card connected to your Klarna account.

Please note: If you ordered using Klarna invoice you can make a report about your return in your Klarna account. This will secure you do not receive any unnecessary charges. You can read more about Klarna HERE.

Products purchased with discount in a campaign period may be returned for a refund, but they cannot be exchanged. We cannot guarantee you can buy a new product with the same discount if you need to return a product bought during a campaign. This also applies to products received for free during a campaign – they cannot be exchanged to a different size or color.


Return shipments must be shipped with the same courier that delivered your original order. To get return shipment free of charge you must make use of the pre-paid return sticker that was enclosed with your order - return shipments sent in any other way may easily get lost in mail. Please contact customer service if you have lost your sticker.

Couriers for different destinations:

  • The Nordic countries (ex. Iceland): Post Nord
  • Europe and Iceland: UPS
  • USA: UPS


If the product is returned in any condition not according to the above, we have the right to refuse refunding it. Remember we need to be able to sell the product again, thus it is important that we receive it back in the same condition as when delivered to you.

Criteria for approval of returns:

  • All tags must be attached
  • The products must be in unused condition
  • Original packaging must be intact
  • All accessories must be included
  • Do not stick or write anything on the original packaging


I don’t have my invoice – could you send again?

You can find your invoice by logging in to your account at

Can I exchange sizes, colors or products?

Due to Klarna’s security policy - made to protect your consumer rights – exchanging products is not an option. You must cancel the purchase (return products) and order again.

How do I get refund of approved returns and claims?

If you paid with a credit card, Klarna will refund you back to your card. Did you order using Klarna invoice Klarna will refund the card connected to your Klarna account.

If you ordered using invoice payment and this is still unpaid, please note that you are liable for the cost until a refund is issued according to our deadlines. In this case you can go to your Klarna account and ask for one-month postponement of your payment deadline – this will secure that you do not receive additional charges.

If you wish to return parts of your order you can still make use of the original invoice and pay the amount according to what you wish to keep. Payment deadline, KID and account number will not change, and you are liable to pay in time according to the deadline.

We will refund your order within 14 days after we receive your return.


Dæhlie Team Wear products can not be returned, as these products are made to order. The same applies to products bought from a partnershop with a logo attached. These are also non-returnable products.