Dæhlie 365June 1st

Are you ready for a challenge?

Join Dæhlie Sportswear 2469 meter RUN climbing Challenge on Strava in June.

RUN Norway`s highest mountain, on Strava!

Norway's highest mountain Galdhøpiggen is 2469 meters. We challenge you to climb a total of 2469 meters in June and conquer Galdhøppigen wherever you are.

We will select and reward ten club members that have completed the challenge with a complete running outfit.

Do you accept the running challenge?


Download the Strava-app and join the challenge!

Running is good for you in every way. With the special situation we’re all inn we need to take some precautions. Keeping distance to show that you care.

At the moment most of us need inspiration and goals more than ever to challenge ourselves to run systematically. When your training buddy isn’t available next door, we found Strava as a great tool and platform. Here we can interact, we can share and compete with safe distance from each other.

Join our community and participate in Dæhlie Sportswear 2469 meter RUN climbing challenge challenge this month.

How it works!

  • Join Dæhlie 365 training club on Strava

  • Make sure your runs during June is logged and shared with us

  • Keep running and make sure to collect 2469 meters during the month of June

  • On June the 30th. We select 10 runners that complete the challenge. They will receive a complete running set from our brand new spring collection

  • Looking forward to meet you in the club