Sunniva Godal | Dæhlie Ambassadør


Sunniva Godal

Birthdate: 14.03.94
Home: Oslo

Your favorite workout:

A long run in the forest, regardless of the weather. Preferably ended by some strength exercises until the lactic acid takes a hold of me.

Your favorite training arena:

The woods or the beach.

Sunniva GodalSunniva Godal

How do you dress for your workouts:

- When it’s cold outside: I often get warm after a bit on runs, even if it’s cold outside. It is therefore important that the clothes have a good breathability and stay in place while holding in heat when my pace decreases. It’s also not wrong to look really good.

- When it’s warm outside: When it’s warm, I like to wear the strict minimum. The clothes need to be very breathable, look fresh and summery and fit perfectly. A singlet and mid-length running shorts with a hat are my “go to".

Your Favorite Dæhlie outfit:

Colder days: A thin baselayer (Compete long sleeve), the Raw Athlete vest and the Raw Athlete tights.

Warmer days: Then I go for the Gear singlet, the Endorfin shorts and the drinkbelt. As light as possible

What does your regular training week look like:

A usual training week consists generally of 5 workouts. As a rule, I begin the week with heavy strength training. My Mondays need to kickstart my week! After that I usually go on a long run, before doing another, easier, strength and conditioning workout.

Workout 4 generally consists of interval training out- or indoors, and the last workout is hopefully something fun. That can be anything from group classes to boxing, flexibility, cross country skiing, hiking, running with my dog or mountain hiking

A bit of text about me:

I am a 25-year-old girl from Oslo who loves working out. I am a trained physical education teacher with sports subjects and am now undertaking a masters in Sport Management at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. I also work in parallel as a personal trainer. Training and sports have always been important to me, and I believe that, deep inside, everyone loves working out. They just have to realize it!

The span of my athletic interests is wide, which has resulted in me having been involved in, among other things, football, handball, half-marathons, climbing to the top of mountains and skydiving. I’m always up for trying new things, and not afraid to fail. We should all try and fail a bit, I think it helps us grow as humans.