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Our signal for RUN

With Spring entering, you will have warmer and brighter days in the near future

With Spring entering, you will have warmer and brighter days in the near future. Springtime brings inspiration and energy for your training sessions. With the pandemic challenging your normal life the energy from spring is something we all embrace this year. New season means changing your wardrobe.

For many athletes entering new season also means entering a new sport. Spring means running season for many athletes.Spring challenge us to run out in nature. Dæhlie Sportswear cover your needs for running apparel through the year with the RUN365 collection.

If you are challenged by nature – do most of your runs outside and see nature as your training buddy and inspiration. – we will cover your needs.


25 years of experience

For 25 years Dæhlie Sportswear have designed and produced training gear to serve cross-country skiers needs in raw Norwegian nature. Serving their needs during training and competitions during all kinds of weather, we gained unique experience and knowledge.

Entering RUNNING, and meet runners needs our ways of working with athletes, interact and map their needs have been essential. We have challenge ourselves to meet their requests in combination with all gained knowledge from 25 years.

Endurance sports like running and cross country skiing have a lot in common. -But when it comes to your best experiences and maximize your performance, the apparels properties will differentiate. Weight, construction, materials and their technical features is customized to their sport.




- Head of Design Dæhlie, Silje Fillingsnes Jandal

We made it easy for you to navigate between our RUN and SKI collection: the RUN365 collection holds an oblique line in combination with the B/DÆHLIE logo. You just need to look for /.