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Dæhlie 365September 21st


From Vinderen to Holmenkollen – 4 kilometers race with an altitude of 240 meters. A huge success, for the fourth year in a row!

A day with high intensity

From 1000 applicants, 10 new DÆHLIE Sportswear ambassadors were chosen. To put focus on our new running collection, we invited the practitioners to test their own capasity at the DÆHLIE Test Run. That resulted in a day with a high intensity level.

Finding great ambassadors for the brand, give them the opportunity to both test their own physical capacity and our clothing, while at the same time creating a community between the participants is what DÆHLIE Sportswear wants to achieve with the DÆHLIE Test Run.

test run dæhlie test run dæhlie

Be inspired by our ambassadors

The ambassadors are together as a group representing the position that DÆHLIE RUN 365 has and will continue to have. Interaction with the runners is therefore vital and will also take DÆHLIE Sportswear one step further into the world of running.

In addition to creating awareness for DÆHLIE Sportswear´s running collection, this is a day where DÆHLIE´s Strava-segment gets attention. Here we have collected good finishing times from runners and XC skiers over the years. The concept of testing your physical capacity when it suits you, and then again comparing finishing times with others inspires a lot of runners.

dæhlie test run

test run dæhlie
test run dæhlie test run dæhlie

Jacket Seamless Push

All of our ambassadors wore the Jacket Seamless Push during warm-up before the Test Run. The Jacket Seamless Push is our new addition to the running family, the jacket is our favorite when temperature drops. The light seamless jacket with "push & pull" technology is designed so that you as a runner can move freely at an optimal pace, while staying warm.

dæhlie test run

Dæhlie Test Run Strava segment: (click on image)

dæhlie Strava segment