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How to find the perfect base layer?

Nature is your training ground and you exercise throughout the year. But do you know what to choose when it comes to buying new training or woolen baselayers?

You train to keep fit throughout the year, regardless of what level you are. With nature as your training ground and source of inspiration, you always want to have the right clothing to help make your workouts even better and more efficient.

Through 20 years of experience, DÆHLIE has developed a complete range of functional baselayers without compromising design or comfort. Choosing the right training or woolen baselayers means you get the maximum effect from your workouts. Regardless of the season, what you wear can significantly improve your performance and you will also have a better sense of well-being during your workout.

Spend some time looking at different materials and match them to your training needs. - How to find training or woolen baselayers to suit your needs.

Training Wool

Perfect for those who love the effect wool provides. Comfortable, regardless of the temperature. With Dæhlie Training Wool you can keep warm whilst the clothing provides good ventilation and wicks moisture. A combination of mesh panels and the fit provide optimum functionality in one excellent woolen garment. The clothing suit all levels of activity, in both summer and winter. Cooling effect for spring/summer training and insulation for colder fall and winter sessions.

Training Tech

A lightweight training baselayer, specially designed for tough workouts. It is suitable for those training toward a major goal. Image is important to you and you like to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. You vary your training throughout the year, but still want to improve. Dæhlie Training Tech has moisture wicking properties and will keep you warm and dry all year round. The garments have mesh panels and a perfect fit for optimal performance during exercise.

Compete Tech

Designed for the toughest of workouts. The products are designed with competition settings and professional athletes' needs in mind—this is a training baselayer for those training to be the best, who have enormous passion and a professional mindset. The light and fast-drying Compete Tech material allows the garment to have optimum ventilation and wick moisture. The Quick-Dry feature wicks moisture outside of the fabric, and the fabric's structure allows full mobility in the toughest competitions.

Airnet Wool

Is for those who want the qualities of wool adapted to high-intensity training. Its construction using a mesh structure provides excellent insulation and optimum temperature regulation. Ergonomic fit with mesh and elastic woolen panels supports the garment's unique features. Merino wool ensures optimum insulation during low-intensity training and effectively evaporates excess moisture during high-intensity activity.

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Sweater Airnet Wool and Long Sleeve Tech.