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Dæhlie 365October 25th

Stay tuned for the DÆHLIE Ultimate Challenge

The DNA of the brand DÆHLIE Sportswear is to work with athletes. Now we have challenged 4 athletes from around Europe to test our running gear in challenging conditions in Lofoten, Norway. We do believe that apparel made with the best quality and with great design, makes you perform at your very best.

Ultimate Runner

We found four runners who where up for a challenge on some of the best running trails in the world, like the Lofoten Islands in Norway. How did they perform, stay tuned for episode 1.

The DÆHLIE Ultimate Challenge gave four handpicked athletes the possibility to compare capacity, but most of all, it gave them a drive to push & test their own limits against the elements. The trails took them through altitude changes, rugged mountainsides and beautiful panoramas of the archipelago. Do you think they became the ultimate runners?

When and where?

The event took place in Norway on the 25th – 27th of September. The event started in Oslo and the atheletes traveled together to the Lofoten Islands. Stay tuned for episode 1 of the Dæhlie Ultimate Challenge, dropping soon.

Dæhlie Ultimate Challenge
Dæhlie Ultimate Challenge Dæhlie Ultimate Challenge

DÆHLIE Sportswear

The Dæhlie brand was established in 1996 by the Norwegian cross-country skier Bjørn Dæhlie. He pushed the limits of his sport in the 1990s and, with eight Olympic gold medals and nine World Championship titles, he is a living legend. Starting with cross country skiing apparel the brand has developed into a premium supplier of technical clothing for endurance sports, with its main focus on running and cross-country skiing.