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When the evenings get shorter and night falls earlier each day, it's important to think about your clothes.

Proper training is about more than just endurance, strength, and diet. There are many factors that are important when choosing the right clothing for your workouts, especially with fall approaching.

Training is also about safety and ensuring that you are visible while you train. When we mix design and technical materials with visibility, your safety increases significantly.

Did you know that if you wear a reflector strip when it's dark outside, you are 85% less likely to get hit by a car?

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Visible during an evening run with Jacket and Pants Visual.

Dæhlie has developed a technical training jacket that is perfect for mid-season training, when visibility is important. It comes in a lightweight and elastic material, which provides good mobility during activity. Wind- and water-repellent panels that dry quickly increase comfort. The jacket comes with a protective detachable hood. Half the back, plus several panels in the front and parts of the hood, are covered with reflectors. This is to provide the best visibility when training on the road. Elastic finishes at the bottom of the jacket and sleeves provide an optimal fit.


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