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Norwegian National Ski Team01 June

Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen

Astrid is a part of the Norwegian National Ski Team and is one of our Brand Heroes.

Sports Club: Heming IL
Living in: Oslo
Born: 22.01.1987
Team: Women Elite

Astrid grew up in Slemdal, Oslo and was born in January 22th 1987. Se is a part of Team Heming. Astrid got her first World Cup medal in Rybinsk in 2007 and has since then been in the world elite both in sprint and allround cross country skiing.

During the olympics in PyeongChang Astrid went for the gold medal in Ladies' 4x5km relay with her team from the Norwegian National Ski Team. As well as skiing she is also studying medicine at the University of Oslo and has a dream of becoming an author.

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Winning gold medals.

Your favorite training session?
It depends on what you’re preparing for. But 5 x 3-5 minutes is a good rule of thumb. I don’t really focus on times. I like to find a part of a track that I enjoy and go for it. Whether it takes 3:40 or 5:05 is less important. The start and finish of your runs are more motivating. I like to take 2-3 minutes breaks. Also, be sure to increase intensity during the session. The last lap should be the fastest. Flow and good rhythm are essential both when running and skiing.

Your favorite dry venue?
I enjoy the southern parts of Nordmarka (near Oslo) the most because they are varied and very accessible. I like to run through the woods on narrow paths, keeping away from the broad gravel roads. I also love both walking and running in the Norwegian mountains, Skeikampen being my ultimate favorite. The crisp air, lovely colors and panoramic views are unforgettable.

Your favorite running surface?
As soft as possible. It is harder going, but builds more strength in my legs and has less risk of injuries. It also brings me closer to nature.

Your favorite training camp?
I actually prefer Skeikampen. I have traveled a lot and seen many different places, but at the end of the day, I love what I have easy access to at home. However, I would like to experience the mountains of France during the summer, maybe combined with watching Tour de France.