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winter running - dahlie

Dæhlie 365November 12th

Winter Running

The winter months can be cold and dark, but there are still good opportunities for outdoor running. Our brand ambassador Eli Anne Dvergsal will give you a few tips.

I like to get out and run in nature, and to get some fresh air. I run outdoors almost every day of the year. Some of my high-intensity sessions are done indoors on a treadmill, to make sure I hit the right speed when the roads are slippery. Easy runs can be done on both snow and ice, as long as I dress up properly and have spikes on my shoes.


Our brand ambassador Eli Anne Dvergsal will give you a few tips concerning winter running

What's important to you when you are going out for a run in the dark and cold?

It is important to see and to be seen when you are running in the dark. If there are no streetlights, a headlamp may be useful. To be visible for cars and avoid accidents, you need to wear reflectors. I really like when they are integrated in the clothes. Sometimes it´s still daylight when I go outside to run, but it gets dark along the way. Then it's easy to forget to put on reflectors. The Dæhlie Jacket Visual has got large reflective areas which keep you visible at night.

When it´s cold outside, you should wear clothes that keep you warm. For the running sessions to feel good, it´s also important that the clothes are flexible, lightweight and do not hinder movement. It isn’t good either to get too hot and damp while running, and during physical activity, the body produces quite a lot of heat. I like to run with long tights, but regular tights can be a little too thin in cold winter days. Dæhlie Tights Winter are a bit thicker, and still comfortable to wear when running.

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If it´s raining or there’s a lot of snow outside, I like to wear the Dæhlie Tights Determend which feature a water-repellent front or pants. On the coldest days you can put wool long johns underneath. On the upper body, I always start with a thin wool sweater and one or more layers outside. By using multiple layers, you can easily adjust the temperature during the running session by dressing on or off.

During interval sessions, I like to wear the Dæhlie sweater light seamless or wool. During warmup and cool down I also wear a jacket or vest, which I take off for the high intensity part. I often get very cold hands, but wool glove liners keep my fingers warm while remaining thin and light. A headband on the ears is usually enough, but I put on a hat when the temperature is very low. I also like to wear a buff around the neck, which can be removed when it gets warm, or pulled over the nose and mouth when I’m freezing. After training, it is important to shower or change to dry clothes immediately to avoid getting cold and sick.

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How do you motivate yourself for running in cold weather?

In days with very bad weather, I try to motivate myself by thinking about the goals I have set for the season. I’m the only one who loses from skipping a training session. I also think about the good feeling I get afterwards, when I come back home for a warm shower and something warm to drink. If my motivation runs very low, it always helps to run together with a friend or listen to music.