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Norwegian National Ski Team01 June

Eirik Brandsdal

Eirik is a part of the Norwegian National Ski Team and is one of our Brand Heroes.

Sports Club: Kjelsås IL
Living in: Oslo
Born: 11.11.1986
Team: Men Sprint

Eirik grew up in Kjelsås, Oslo and was born November 11th 1986. He is a part of ski club Kjelsås IL and has nine World Cup sprint victories, the first one in Otepää in 2011, and the latest one in Drammen in 2017.

Eirik has since 2009 been in one of the best in cross-country skiing sprint, something that is shown through his 21 placements on the podium in the World Cup. He has been on the Norwegian National Ski Team since 2010 and on the side of this, he is studying to become an civil engineer.

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Eirik Brandsdal wearing DÆHLIE.

Favorite training session during summer and winter?
Summer: Speed training on roller skis in “baris” (shirtless)
4x4x45 seconds speed interval session in hilly and rolling terrain

Favorite place for training?
Lillomarka (Kjelsås), Norway

Coldest place and temperature you have trained in?
Rybinsk, Russia / -29°C

Resting heart rate and maximum heart rate?
Resting heart rate: 32
Maximum heart rate: 186

Favorite food?
Salmon, pasta and a delicious salad, Chocolate fondant and icecream

2015/2016 2nd place Sprint C in World Cup in Ruka, Finland 3rd place Sprint C in World Cup in Drammen, Norway 2nd place Sprint C in World Cup Canmore, Canada