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Ambassadors11 August

Julie Nervik

A 23-year-old girl from Norway’s Trøndelag region who now lives in Oslo.

In 2015, she moved to Australia to study for a year and noticed the active and healthy yet laid back lifestyle that had taken root in the culture there. That inspired her to bring the diet and exercise habits she had embraced Down Under back home to Norway. Since then she has been an active and busy woman who lives a life at full throttle. That’s how she likes it, which is easy to see in her leisure activities.

Julie does whatever training she is in the mood for at any given moment, which is much of the background for her motivation. She spends most time running, combined with strength training. She also loves to do other sports including: yoga, climbing, hiking, kayaking, diving, downhill skiing and cross-country skiing. She loves to push her limits.

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Julie wearing Tights Speed 5".

Julie also works with marketing for Red Bull, the energy drink she says also comes to the rescue on days when her motivation or energy are lacking. She loves to spend time exploring new places and new cultures. New trails and new views. New meals and wines. Preferably, "overseas" travel. She is more than a little interested in documenting her training and traveling on Instagram.

Julie wanted to be Dæhlie ambassador because she thinks it's a brand with a mentality and personality that suits her training habits; a daring outdoors lover with a stubborn streak, relentless drive and commitment to its areas of interest; a "non-quitter" that isn’t afraid to stumble and get right back up. And of course, because she thinks the clothes look good, fit well and have functional and technical qualities that she notices when shopping.



The clothes look good, fit well and have functional and technical qualities that I notice when shopping

- Julie Nervik

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