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Dæhlie 365September 13th

Running in the fall may give you one of your most memorable runs

After months with great weather, high temperatures and lightweight, vented clothes, we`re approaching the fall.

Clean and crisp air

For many runners this is one of the best training periods. There are a lot of opportunities for competitions and the weather is often very good with clear and crisp air. But common for the period is that the weather may vary a lot and can change suddenly. This affects how we dress and how we experience the competition or our training.


Meet runners requirements

Feeling ligh- weighted, dry, flexible, and vented are important when running. This can be a big challenge running in this time of year. It is often cold and humid in the morning and often a lot warmer and dry as the day goes by. Dæhlie has a lot of different jackets in their collection developed for running in this period. The jackets have been developed with runners at all levels to meet their requirements.

Inspired by the best

“An optimal running jacket is light-weighted and will not turn heavy and wet once used. The flexibility around the shoulders and elbows are very important. Except from that, the jacket can fit quite tight”, says Sondre Nordstad Moen. Dæhlie is a proud sponsor of Sondre and he is one of our Brand heros. His long experience and knowledge as one of the best long-distance runners in the world gives us confidence that we get the best input and feedback to continuously develop the best running clothes in the market. For years we have had the same innovation and development for our cross-country clothes, and this has put is a market leading position. When we combine our strong design and development team with some of the best runners, we`re sure you`ll find your new running clothes at Dæhlie.


Newly in this autumn

Jacket Coverage is one of the big news this fall. We have combined some of the best elements from previous jacket models and created an optimal running jacket for the cold days. An early run in the fall, while the air is crisp and clear, may give you one of your best running experiences. Either you run in the forest or along the roads, the demands are the same. You need good protection against the surroundings, feel dry and have the best possible flexibility. This is demanding as the sweat production may be high. We have therefor combined strategically placed softshell panels for protection on the arms, back and chest, with big, open mesh panels for the best possible ventilation. The jacket feels light-weighted and comfortable, and with the 2-way zipper in front, you can easily adjust ventilation and temperature control. The jacket is perfect both for easy long runs as shorter training sessions with higher intensity.

Memorable runs this time a year

We really appreciate the fall as we have had some of our most valuable and memorable runs this time of year. We recommend seeking a not too hilly course in the forest, either on a trail or on a gravelled road. Enjoy the colors changing in the environment and the clear, fresh air. It may be hard keeping the intensity down this time of year. We recommend a long run with natural intervals (Fartlek). Let the terrain and sensation control your intensity, Find natural goals to motivate you for variation, or use your watch and run f.ex. 4 minutes with more speed and intensity, follow by a 2 minutes’ walk or easy run. Repeat this 4-8 times. The distance, speed or lap time are not the important part. Focus on the variation and feeling of easily getting a quality session into your daily or weekly run.