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By creating a profile with Active Brand’s Dæhlie ("us", "we", or "our", “Dæhlie” or “JG”), you accept this agreement. Creating a profile is free and open to anyone 18 years of age or older. www.dahlie.com is owned and managed by Active Brands (www.activebrands.com). By registering a profile, you agree to us storing your personal information, depending on your consent to receive email and SMS from Active Brands, as well as any other processing of data that is listed under the agreement and consents.
You are free to delete your profile by contacting us at any time. You can easily unsubscribe for any of our marketing communication through the channels you have received the communication from. If you unsubscribe from our communication channels, we are still able to communicate with you about information relevant to your profile, such as changes of Terms and Conditions or other communication directly related to purchases you have made on our website (see point 3).


By creating a profile at Dæhlie, you consent to giving Dæhlie the right to registering, storing and handling personal information about you, your activities and other information related to your profile.
Active Brands is responsible for storing and managing your personal data according to the Personal Data Act. Information is managed with intention of administering relevant communication with our customers and potential customers. Purchase history and clicks on all Active Brand’s family of Brands websites, email and SMS can be used to personalise marketing communication per email, SMS and digital channels. Your information can also be used to understand market trends and our customers through statistics and analysis. If you wish to receive insight to all personal information Active Brands holds on you, if you wish to amend or have this information deleted, you can easily do so by contacting Active Brands or Dæhlie to do so. Information is not sold to nor shared with third parties unless necessary to maintain our services. Your data is used to improve our services and will be anonymised as far as possible for statistical and analytical purposes. Details surrounding personal privacy can be found in our Privacy Policy statement here.


Terms and conditions are valid from 1st October 2020 and replaces all other terms and condition and agreements for profiles we have previously stored. You have the right to cancel the agreement with immediate effect and all information shall be erased or anonymised, with exceptions of data we are legally bound to keep records of. Cancellations of the agreement can be done by contacting the company. Changes in the Terms and Conditions will be communicated on this page, and larger changes will be notified about. You can also request information about any changes by reaching out to the company directly. We are entitled to delete your profile with immediate effect if you have shared incorrect information or broken the agreement according to the terms and conditions given.


In the event of any disputes concerning the interpretation of terms and conditions, Norwegian law applies, and the jurisdiction is Oslo District Court, unless otherwise follows from mandatory legislation.