Our running ambassador Kristine Bjørneset has always lived an active life, but it was during COVID when the training centers were closed and she was forced to find other ways to stay active, that she discovered the true joy of running. Kristine quickly noticed progress and eventually signed up for races.

Now, she shares her best tips for those who also want to complete a half marathon this season.

1. Sign up!

The first step toward a half marathon is to dare to sign up, step out of your comfort zone, and challenge yourself. The half marathon has become the most popular running distance, and it is a distance that most people can complete. Once you have signed up, it becomes more of a commitment, and then the work remains – training!

2. Set a goal

Set a realistic goal for yourself, and do not compare yourself to others. You sign up because you want to, and because you want to impress and surprise yourself. And REMEMBER! Your goal can always be adjusted, up or down, depending on how your training goes.

3. Start the training early

Gradual progression in training is a key factor. Overtraining in the last few weeks leading up to the race is a bad strategy and can lead to injury. Start training early in advance of the race. The earlier, the better, but even starting 10-12 weeks before can provide a good foundation with significant progress.

Depending on how many sessions you can fit into your week, 3 sessions a week can yield good results. These should include a long run, an interval session, and an easy run of 40 minutes or more.

4. Have fun!

The most important thing is to have fun along the way and enjoy it. Find a partner to train with – maybe you can get more people to join you. Having someone to chat with on long runs makes the distance seem shorter and more social. Bring a towel and swimwear in your running vest, and take a dip halfway through your long run or when you're done. Enjoy the process and have fun.

The best thing about running is still the sense of community it gives. It has truly ignited a running passion in me.

Kristine Bjørneset, Dæhlie Ambassador

What are you waiting for?

There are many flat and fast half-marathons at home and abroad, perfect for those who are running for the first time and want a good experience, or for those who want to challenge their personal records.

The Drammen Half Marathon is one such example and is considered one of Norway's fastest half marathons. We are proud partners with the Drammen Half Marathon, which takes place on Sunday 8 September.

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