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Finding and choosing the right running shorts can take time as there are many options. In this guide, we have divided our shorts into three different categories: split shorts, 2-in-1 shorts, and short tights.

Are you looking for a pair of shorts that feel weightless while running? In that case, you should go for one of our split shorts. Alternatively, you should check out our 2-in-1 shorts. As the name suggests, these shorts have an inner legging and loose outer shorts to provide you with the most comfortable running experience. If you like slim-fit shorts, you should check out our short tights.

If you are searching for the best race shorts for competitions in particular, you can find our recommendations at the bottom of this guide here.

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Split shorts

2-in-1 shorts

Short tights

Split shorts

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Shorts Elite are our lightest and fastest shorts. Shorts Elite are designed with a super light microfiber fabric and have a high split for maximum flexibility. These are our best shorts for tempo runs and races.

Shorts Swift are super light and thin with perforated fabric, which are tiny holes in the material. With no inner shorts, these shorts feel weightless so you can focus solely on your run. Shorts Swift have a looser fit and smaller splits than Elite and are optimal for medium-intensity runs on warmer days.

Shorts Active have a longer fit and small splits which make them great for slower pace runs and lower intensity levels.

2-in-1 shorts

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All our 2-in-1 shorts have inner tights with loose outer shorts. These shorts are developed with flat seams to avoid chafing to make your running sessions as comfortable as possible.

Shorts Run 2-in-1 are our perfect running shorts for runs with moderate intensity. The inner tights have great ventilation as the perforated fabric is made from a mesh material, which increases moisture-wicking.

Shorts Run 365 have been our absolute best-selling shorts for the last couple of years for good reasons. Shorts Run 365 are developed for high-intensity runs and races. They have similarities to Shorts Run 2-in-1, but Shorts Run 365 have the perforated fabric on the outer shorts, more similar to Shorts Swift. In addition, these shorts have a side pocket on the inner shorts where you can put your phone or a couple of gels.

Shorts Oxygen are one of our lightest running shorts and are perfect for medium to high-intensity runs. For women, the shorts are designed with shorter inner and outer shorts, and the side splits are higher to enhance mobility.

There is also another option in the mix: short tights. These products are made especially for those who like a tighter fit. All of our short tights have flat seams to avoid chances of chafing.

Tights Athlete Mid for men and 7.5” for women are some of our best short tights for high-intensity workouts and races. Athlete don’t have a mobile pocket but have a tiny pocket in the waistband for small belongings.

Tights Achieve 10” for men and 7.5” for women have a more supportive material and are the perfect choice for medium to high-intensity runs. They have a practical side pocket for your phone. For women, the tights are designed with a wider waistband for comfort.

Tights Direction Mid for men and 7.5” for women are our perfect basic short tights for summer runs. Direction have slightly thinner fabric than the other tights, which is great for warmer temperatures. Direction also have a side pocket for your phone.

Tights Attempt 5” are a part of our Attempt collection exclusively developed for women. Attempt stands out with its structured, rib fabric that provides perfect support without compression, ensuring comfort on medium to high-intensity runs. The tights have pockets around the entire waistband for your phone, gels, or small belongings for lower-pace runs.

Shorts for competitions and races

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