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Cross-country skiing



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Here you will find a selection of Dæhlies best tips. We have divided the products into different intensity zones, to make sure you find the perfect gift.

Heart rate zone 5
Heart rate zone 4
Heart rate zone 3
Heart rate zone 3
Heart rate zone 2
Heart rate zone 1

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Cross-country skiing


Why you should workout in wool

Wool is nature’s perfected high-performance fabric. Read more about why you should wear wool for your running and cross-country skiing sessions to maximize your performance.


Cross-country skiing



DÆHLIE Sportswear challenges tradition and introduces RAW 5.0 – a cutting-edge collection of cross-country skiwear, designed to meet the highest demands of high-performance athletes in functionality, design, and innovation.

Cross-country skiing


Cross-Country Jackets

Finding the perfect cross-country skiing jacket for your needs can be challenging. Read our guide to see which jacket you’ll need for your intensity and heart rate zone.

Cross-country skiing



Choose the right base layer

The most important factor for you to take into consideration when choosing what baselayer will be the optimal fit for you, is the intensity and duration of your intended workout.