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Frida Thorsås

DOB: 31.01.1994
Living In: Lillestrøm
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Your favorite workout:

It really depends on how the day is. But sessions where I manage to push through despite the fact that I really just want to give up - gives an absolutely incredible feeling! Or the sessions where the legs just run away and everything feels easy, that feeling is good!

Your favorite training arena:

It has to be Gulsetmarka.

frida thorsaasfrida thorsaas

When it comes to clothes, what is important to you when you’re training?

- When it's cold outside: Enough clothes to not freeze, but also not so much that it takes away movement. Warm, breathable garments without being heavy are what I go for, as well as gloves, a hat and a good jacket. When it's cold, I quickly think that it's winter and dark, then a reflective vest also becomes part of the uniform!

- When it's hot: Then I prefer breathable materials that are airy and light. Preferably just a shorts and sports top or a thin t-shirt, such as the t-shirt endorfin.

Your favorite Dæhlie outfit:

- Shorts Oxygen: This one is so light and airy. The inner tights make running comfortable and provide for good movement. - Jakke Intense: I like to wear this feather-light jacket when I'm a little unsure of the weather, or to warm up when it's a little cooler outside. - T-Skjorte Endorfin: Breathable and light t-shirt perfect for warm weather.

What does a normal training week look like for you?

Right now I have a focus on increasing the hours on the bike. I will be going to a sprint triathlon in August and cycling is my weakeness at the moment! Getting your body used to running after cycling is also a focus. Beyond that, I focus on taking longer runs and some sessions in the pool or open water.

Goals for the 2021/2022 running season:

It will be to make it better on triathlon by cycle faster and run more economically after cycling part. The pure goal for the race is a new personall best at the New Year's trim. In the autumn, the Varden Trimkarusell starts again, so it will be exciting to compare times from the spring season!

frida thorsaas