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Gaute Olberg

DOB: 09.03.1993
Living in: Lillestrøm
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Your favorite workout:

10 km speed, 10x1,000, 5x2 km/1 km lower intensity/rest and 15x400 m with a 200 m slow jog.

Your favorite training arena:

Flat asphalt or all-weather track

gaute olberggaute olberg

When it comes to clothes, what is important to you when you’re training?

- When it's cold outside: When it’s cold outside, it’s important for me to stay warm and dry. My clothes must also be light and not restrict my movements.

- When it's hot: Light, comfortable, and breathable. What I like best are clothes that don’t soak up a lot of perspiration and don’t stick to my body.

Your favorite Dæhlie outfit:

- T skjorte Focus
- Singlet run elite
- Shorts run elite
- Tights focus mid

What does a normal training week look like for you?

A training week for me generally involves a distance of 125–130 km.

I have two threshold intervals of 10–12 km and generally a continuous pace session or hard walk that could include some on/off variant. Otherwise, it involves a lot of gentle jogging and a long gentle walk on Sundays.

Goals for the 2021/2022 running season

My goal this year is to remain injury-free and to compete in as many races as possible. I’d really like to get my time down to 36 mins in the 10 km, do a sub 80 min in the half-marathon, and complete the full marathon in less than 3 hours.

Most likely, there won’t be any marathons before 2022.

gaute olberg