Håkon Mushom | Dæhlie Ambassadør


Håkon Mushom

Birthdate: 23.09.93
Home: Oslo

Your favorite workout:

20x200m. You run progressively faster, and the pause between each interval gets longer. A very hard track workout.

Your favorite training arena:

Everywhere I haven’t been before. Exploration runs are the best aspect of being in new places. You just have to tie your laces to run to new places.

Håkon MushomHåkon Mushom

How do you dress for your workouts:

- When it’s cold outside: When it’s cold outside it’s important that your equipment insulates and protects you from the weather and the wind. It is also important that the gear feels lights and flexible. I want to feel the lightest possible while at the same time conserving as much heat as possible.

- When it’s warm outside: When it’s hot outside, my favorite outfit is just a pair of light running shorts. The clothes should be as light as possible and not stick to the body when you sweat or get warm.

Your Favorite Dæhlie outfit:

The RAW Athlete jacket. It is a perfect combination of protection from the weather and the wind and of lightness and breathability. It is much lighter than alternative rain jackets, and more protective than ordinary running jackets.

What does your regular training week look like:

Monday: 8x100m with 1 min break
Wednesday: 2 hours all-mountain biking in Nordmarka
Thursday: 4 km continuous threshold + 10x40om on the track
Friday: 2 hours of tennis
Saturday: Lighter long run 60min
Sunday: Morning—2 hours biking in Nordmarka
Afternoon—2 hours tennis