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Håkon Mushom

DOB: 23.09.1993
Living in: Oslo
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Your favorite workout::

20x200m uphill. This is a "favorite session", in the sense that the session combines high speed and aerobic capacity. This session gives you a good push, the active breaks mean that you are never completely able to catch your breath.

Your favorite training arena:

My favorite arena is definitely on the tarmac. Wearing the studded shoes on the tartan deck means that it will run fast, and that it will be hard.

Sylvia NordskarSylvia Nordskar

When it comes to clothes, what is important to you when you’re training?

- When it's cold outside: When it is cold outside, it is important that the clothes protect against weather and wind. It is also important that the clothes feels light and movable. I want to feel as light as possible, but at the same time keep warm.

- When it's hot: When it's hot outside, my favorite outfit is just a short running tights. The clothes should be as light as possible.

Your favorite Dæhlie outfit:

T-Shirt Training Wool Summer – I have gotten the feel for wool, and a light, thin wool t-shirt has become a widely used t-shirt lately. It keeps me warm, at the same time as it is light and comfortable.

Jacket Spring – The jacket gives you good protection against the wind, at the same time as it has good ventilation.

What does a normal training week look like for you?

- Monday – No training
- Tuesday – 8x1000m. Take a breather: 1 min
- Wednesday – No training
- Thursday – 20x400m. Take a breather: 45 sek
- Friday – No training
- Saturday – 20x200m uphill. Take a breather: walk/run
- Sunday – Slow paced long run or a nice bikeride

Goals for the 2021/2022 running season:

The goal for the running season 20/21 has been to be in good enough shape to compete as a pacemaker at 800, 1500 and 3000m at athletics competitions in the Nordic countries.

Sylvia Nordskar