introducing sondre nordstad moen

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Sondre has brought expert knowledge and experience to Dæhlie and our running clothes, something that will benefit runners wearing Dæhlie Sportswear this season, and in the seasons to come.

introducing sondre nordstad moen


Following Sondre Nordstad Moen from January to now has been a useful and educational process for Dæhlie Sportswear. We've been able to be part of a top runner's world and experience down to the last detail what it takes to be a world-class runner. There is an enormous amount of work involved to achieve what Sondre has achieved. A lot of work remains in order to reach the season's goals.

Sondre has brought expert knowledge and experience to sports clothing, something that will benefit runners wearing Dæhlie Sportswear this season, and in the seasons to come.

Dæhlie Sportswear has gained important insight into the season's plans and goals.

introducing sondre nordstad moen


Plans for the 21/22 competition season include two Asics runs within the next 14 days, "Be (at) Your Personal Best" event. A 10 km on 24 April, and a half marathon a little later. During the first week in June Sondre will run the Bislett Night of Highlights. After Bislett, it's Olympic Camp at altitude to prepare for Tokyo. At least one marathon will be run in the fall, but at this time it is unknown which.

introducing sondre nordstad moen introducing sondre nordstad moen


Sondre has set personal records for 10 km, half and full marathons as his goals for this season.

His goal is to achieve the European marathon record. He set a new European record in the Fukuoka Marathon in 2017, with a time of 2:05:48. This was broken by the British Mo Farah in 2018 with a time of 2:05:11. The Norwegian aims to get his record back this season.

The Olympics to be held in Tokyo are planned for 23 July to 8 August, and are the highlight of the season and the most important races in 2021. The goal is an Olympic medal for the marathon, something that is definitely within reach.

Preparations for the Olympics include training at altitude in the Italian Sestriere mountains through the summer.

Leading up to important races, preparation is 8-10 weeks, preferably at altitude. During this period, training is harder and focuses on the distance to be run.

Speed for interval and timed runs are close to the speed of the competition. Training becomes more and more intense up to the last week when it starts to winds down. The final week is completed with 1-2 short but hard sessions. The remainder of the time is rest.

When Sondre brings us into a competition setting, there are no fixed routines or rituals he has to go through. The days before and the actual race day are treated as a chance to recharge without too much external influence.

His support team ensure he gets enough rest, food at the right time and is protected as much as possible from any disturbance that could steal the energy he needs in the race.

introducing sondre nordstad moen


A normal training week for Sondre involves 13-14 sessions. They vary between 180-230 km a week. 2-3 hard sessions based on interval and/or timed runs. Long-distance runs of 2000-3000 meters are the favorite. The rest are relaxed 15-20 km runs at a speed of about 3:40-4:00 min per km.

Sondre's favorite sessions are long runs on the track, preferably with pyramid intervals and good flow. Speed is comparable to half marathon speed or faster. It's effective, simple, and directly measurable.


A runner's equipment pack consists of running clothes for hot, cold, and wet weather. Sondre has his favorites, but the weather decides. The entire spectrum of Dæhlie running clothes has been in action during the winter/spring season. The most important thing is not to use half a session to get warm, but to use the layer-on-layer principle, and adjust his clothing along the way. Long tights in different thicknesses are a must, especially when training in Norway.

An excellent top for maintaining temperature and good wicking is important on long runs. His favorite when it's getting colder is the Training Wool Summer T-Shirt.

For interval training in warmer temperatures is a singlet and running shorts. Sondre has helped develop a totally new set of singlet and shorts for Dæhlie Sportswear. It will soon be in stock so more runners can benefit from the expertise of a runner at the top international level.

introducing sondre nordstad moen

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