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Thomas Bang Johansen

Born 32 years ago
From Bekkestua, Bærum
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Tell us about yourself?

I’m Thomas, I’m 32 years old, and I like most kinds of physical activity. I’ve been doing sports my whole life, and tried almost everything that was available in the local area where I grew up. Over time, cross-country skiing, tennis and bandy became my top priorities. My exercise routine now is just as varied as it was when I was a kid, and the activities that get to steal a bit of my free time are really only limited by what’s on offer. If I had to describe myself in just a few words, I’d probably say I was a sports enthusiast and accessory freak.

Your attitude to exercise?

I would probably describe it as a love/hate relationship, and sometimes an on/off relationship too.

What a week’s exercise looks like for you?

My weekly exercise routine varies depending on the season, and often from week to week. I like to vary my workouts, so a typical week’s exercise consists of a good combination of strength training, conditioning and different leisure activities.

Favorite workout:

With such a varied exercise routine it’s hard to choose a favorite workout, but a good long-distance skiing session in the winter or a long hike in the summer is difficult to beat.

Favorite place to exercise:

The coastal path in the summer and the Beitostølen ski resort in the winter.

thomas bang | Team Dæhliethomas bang | Team Dæhlie

What is important to you in what you wear during exercise?

The clothes need to fit well and function well technically, and it’s at least as important for them to look good too.

What inspires you to be the best you can be?

In Norway it’s easy to be inspired by our amazing athletes. There are so many Norwegians making their mark in major global sports, and I find that inspiring. But I’m also inspired by the man in the street who sets personal records and challenges norms and what’s expected.

What are your favorite social media channels right now?

Based on how much time I spend on them, it has to be Instagram and YouTube.

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