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Vilde Aasmo

Born 23 years ago
From Sandnes
Follow on Instagram: @vildeehaa

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Vilde. I’m 23 years old and I’m from Sandnes, but I’m living in Oslo now to focus on running.

Your attitude to exercise?

I do athletics—sprinting (100 m) at a national level, and I’m a member of the Tjalve club. My attitude to exercise is that I train to perform in competitions. Exercise also makes me feel better and brings me joy in my day-to-day life.

What a week’s exercise looks like for you?

My weekly exercise routine varies over the course of the year. In the fall there’s a lot of continuous training, while in the summer I focus more on quality (explosive, fewer reps, faster, longer breaks). During the week, though, my routine is relatively similar all year round and looks like this:

- Monday: sprint: phosphate + strength
- Tuesday; aerobic + basic
- Wednesday: sprint: hurdles, sledding + strength
- Thursday: aerobic + basic
- Friday: long-distance sprint + strength
- Saturday: aerobic + circuits
- Sunday: rest

Favorite workout:

The best workouts are the quality workouts just before the outdoor season. I really enjoy technique training, like block starts/acceleration, and phosphate workouts with few runs and high speed. It’s also hard to beat some real personal best strength training—difficult to choose here!

Favorite place to exercise:

Bislett stadium <3

vilde aasmo | Team Dæhlievilde aasmo | Team Dæhlie

What is important to you in what you wear during exercise?

For me, it’s important for the clothes I wear during training to be comfortable. The clothes need to feel light and easy to move in, while also having the function they’re supposed to have, like being resistant to rain, warm enough or breathable, depending on what I need. I often wear multiple layers because I frequently take long breaks, which means I need to take off and put on clothes during a session.

What are your favorite social media channels right now?

I mostly use Instagram (@Vildeehaa)

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