Our first collection exclusively designed for women

Our women’s-only collection embodies the essence of strong women like Kathrine Switzer, Joan Benoit Samuelson, and Grete Waitz, who attempted to push the limits.

In 1967, only 57 years ago, Kathrine Switzer ran the Boston Marathon at a time when women weren’t allowed to compete in longer races. She registered for the race under the name K.V. Switzer to obtain an official entry. It was only by mile two that race officials attempted to stop her physically, but she managed to finish the race at 4hrs 20mins and became historical.

These attempts to push the limits serve as the inspiration for our first women’s-only collection.

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We wanted to design a range of running products exclusively for women to meet their specific needs and preferences for optimal performance during running, taking into account that we are all different and have different challenges.

Lariza, Dæhlie Design

Attempt to push the limit

Since 1996, Dæhlie Sportswear's goal has been to make premium clothing and apparel for athletes whose goal has been to maximize their performance.

Inspired by female pioneers within the running community, we’re dedicating this collection to those who have challenged the established and made way for equal rights. Therefore, we have, for the first time, made a collection just for women.

The design process for the Attempt collection was led by our amazing designer Lariza, who has had a 100% focus on functionality and details for you to maximize your workouts.

We aimed to create a design expression that is fast and modern, with a focus on functionality, comfort, and good mobility tailored to women, without compromising on quality and performance.

Lariza, Dæhlie Design

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