Why you should workout in wool

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Wool is nature’s perfected high-performance fabric.

It absorbs moisture, leaving your skin feeling dry and comfortable, no matter how much you push your body. It keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It needs no artificial fibers to add flexibility. It also has natural antibacterial properties which will keep your skin protected while causing no harm to the planet.

At Dæhlie, we know that wool works

For over 20 years, DÆHLIE has been developing groundbreaking apparel for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Created by one of Norway's most decorated winter athletes together with a team of experts on athletic wear, we continue to pursue perfection and maximize performance.

Wool, believe it or not, is one of the world’s most technically advanced performance fibers. It combines a unique ability to fend off both wear & tear and tough weather conditions, with an ability to provide maximum comfort even through the most challenging workouts. Working with top athletes for over 20 years has taught us that wool is without a doubt the most ideal fabric for sportswear, 365 days a year.

DÆHLIE Sportswear constantly seeks innovation in its fabrics. To meet athletes' needs in mind they look for the right combinations of wool, other natural fibers, and synthetics to make the products on demand for the best and most knowledgeable athletes. Products consisting of wool feel nice and light to your skin, keep your body temperature balanced, and make you focus on your best training performance.

Natural fibers

Wool is one of nature's most advanced materials, fit for high performance and hard work. Maximum technical qualities paired with high sustainability. Wool is both biodegradable and renewable. It requires less frequent washing than other fabrics.

Dæhlie products consisting of wool are so thin that you can barely feel them on your skin. Our 18,5-micron merino wool makes itchiness an issue of the past. If you still don't believe us, you should check out our baselayers, jackets, t-shirts, and tights in wool – 100% itch-free guaranteed.


DÆHLIE has developed the ultimate wool-wear for every season. When it comes to regulating your body temperature, wool is superior to any other material as wool fibers adapt to their surroundings, keeping you warm or cool depending on the conditions.

You train hard every week of the year, even when the sun is burning, and your muscles are aching. No challenge is too big, and no hill is too steep, with DÆHLIE Training Wool. During tough uphill intervals, our lightweight tees and tanks will cool you down to help you push even harder. The Performance Wool T-Shirt, made from 50 % Merino wool, is an all-time favorite among our test athletes and brand ambassadors.

Did you know that wool even serves as nature’s sun protector? Wool has been protecting sheep against the elements for thousands of years, through rainstorms, freezing winds, and the scorching sun. Merino wool efficiently absorbs UV radiation, making it an ideal material for outdoor activities!

In rough wintery weather, your gear can make the difference between a new personal best and frostbite. Wear our Merino base layer close to your skin to keep your body temperature steady. Our cross-country skiing jackets are all made from the latest wind and weather-resistant high-tech materials. Wool panels in the lining provide extra protection on colder days. With DÆHLIE, the weather is never an excuse to not accomplish your goals.

Moisture wicking

Wool fibers can absorb an impressive amount of moisture, be it water or sweat, and then allow it to evaporate. This unique moisture transportation system makes wool garments less susceptible to clinging onto your skin and more comfortable than garments made from other fibers. It’s breathable and it keeps you warm and comfortable even when the garment is wet.

Remarkably, wool also resists the build-up of odor molecules, eliminating the need to add skin- and nature-damaging antibacterial substances to achieve that “fresh for longer” feeling. Due to the protein molecules in its fibers, wool is able to avoid trapping odor and break down odor-forming bacteria. This makes wool an ideal material for underwear. As DÆHLIE’s lead designer contends, “the anti-bacterial and insulating features of wool make it the perfect material for underwear”.

Wool is perfect for controlling body moisture during exertion.

Silje Fillingsnes Jandal, Head of Design Dæhlie


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