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If there’s one thing we know, the weather can be unpredictable, regardless of season. A good running jacket is always necessary to have in your wardrobe.

With our jacket guide for running, we help you find the right jacket for the right weather. We have divided our jackets into weather types to easily show you what to wear when the sun is out, or when the rain is pouring down on a cold morning.

Lightweight jackets

Weather-protective jackets

Insulated jackets

Lightweight jackets

Our lightest running jackets when you need a thin layer. Read more about the technical details below.

For mild temperatures

Jacket Achieve is the perfect choice when you need light weather protection. Developed with a wind and water-repellent 2-way stretch material. Lasercut ventilation and quick-drying features ensure great breathability and comfort during your run.

Jacket Active is one of our lightest jackets made for running in milder temperatures when you need a thin layer. The fabric is quick-drying and moisture-wicking which keeps you dry no matter what intensity level you’re running in. The jacket is packable in the chest pocket in case you need to take off a layer when the temperature rises. The jacket also features a hood.

Our first exclusive running jacket for women

Jacket Attempt is developed to meet women’s needs and is a good alternative for a lightweight running jacket if you want a trendy and modern design. The jacket is made of 100% quick-drying polyester and is a perfect choice for running with medium to high intensity. The strategically placed mesh panels on the back provide optimal breathability and mobility. The jacket can be adjusted if you want a more cropped or oversized fit.

For chilly temperatures

Jacket Run 2.0 is a thin, lightweight jacket that has been designed with a technical microfiber fabric to provide light protection in colder weather. Designed with a new fit, and a side split hem, this jacket moves even better with your body, providing optimal mobility throughout the garment. Other features include YKK zippers, a zippered chest pocket, elastic cuffs, a fixed hood for added protection from the weather, and reflective detailing for added visibility.

Jakke Athlete is a lightweight, technical running jacket intended for fast training when you need an extra layer. The jacket comes in a very lightweight material with a four-way stretch that allows optimal freedom of movement. Bionic Finish Eco® technology on the fabric's surface ensures that light rain bounces off. To increase the jacket's ability to move, it comes with a split opening on the side. Laser-cut holes in the upper part of the back section ensure good ventilation.

Weather-protective jackets

These are the jackets that keep you dry from wind and rain, yet maintain breathability. Read more about each jacket below.

For windy and rainy days

Half Zip Run 365 is comprised of recycled materials and features Rudolf Bionic Finish® Eco technology coating the surface to ensure light rain and sleet running off, allowing you to focus solely on your run. 4-way stretch throughout the garment and split openings at the side allow for maximized mobility. The technical quick-drying fabric allows fresh air to enter, whilst also releasing hot or humid air, keeping you comfortable throughout your session.

Jacket Performance Run is our best choice for both light and heavy rain. Astonishingly light, this wind and waterproof jacket in 10k/10K material answers all requirements set by the UTMB® race, consisting only of one of the lightest softshell materials available. Thinly treated with Rudolf Bionic Finish® Eco Technology on the Surface Surface to ensure that light rain and sleet bumps, while taking care of good breathability.

Laminated with a PET diaphragm designed to reject water, while moving moisture from the inside out, so the garment both dries quickly and breathes optimally throughout your session. Mechanical stretch, seamless shoulders, and taped seams contribute to reduced rubbing, so you can focus exclusively on providing your very best. With an adjustable hood and split in the side to ensure optimal fit and mobility during your race, the garment will never get in the way of your performance.

For demanding weather on colder days

Jacket Coverage is a light running jacket with a hood, designed for exercising in cold weather. The jacket is made from a quick-drying, wind- and water-repellent softshell material. On the inside of the jacket, the upper part is lined with mesh panels, which provide extra insulation. Thin mesh panels under the sleeves release moisture and provide good ventilation where most needed.

Mesh inner cuffs, with comfortable elastic at the end, provide good protection against the weather and wind on the sleeves. The hood has an adjustable drawstring at the back. There is a mesh panel inside the hood with an elastic edge. This means that the hood will stay up when you run in windy weather. Laser-cut holes at the top of the back provide extra ventilation.

Jacket Protection is the perfect choice for moderate to high-intensity sessions when you need added protection. Comprised of a lightweight water-repellent and wind-resistant 3-layer softshell material, this jacket is laminated with a TPU membrane, ensuring that light rain and sleet runoff. Strategically placed elastic panels ensure full range of movement, and further enhance the maximal ventilation properties, allowing you to focus solely on your running performance. The articulated sleeves and elastic cuffs ensure the optimal fit.

Insulated jackets

Jackets for colder temperatures for running all year round. Read more about the jackets below.

For the coldest days

Jacket Run 365 is the ideal choice for athletes looking for a technical lightweight jacket that allows you to go that extra mile throughout the year. Comprised of recycled materials, this insulated yet lightweight jacket is designed to yield optimal results during the winter time.

The Fellex® sustainable insulation padding in front and the entire sleeves ensures warmth, whilst maintaining breathability, keeping you comfortable through your entire session. The brushed inside is specifically designed to transport moisture efficiently through its optimized tracks. The Rudolf Bionic Finish® Eco technology coating the surface ensures that light rain and sleet ruoff, allowing you to focus solely on your run, featuring a ripstop material that ensures the jacket's longevity.

Constructed with articulated sleeves, 4-way stretch throughout the garment, split openings at the side, and strategically placed elastic paneling to allow for maximized mobility, whilst partial mesh lining ensures enhanced ventilation properties. The technical quick-drying fabric allows fresh air to enter, whilst also releasing hot or humid air, keeping you comfortable throughout your session.

Jacket Winter Run 2.0 is the perfect running jacket for cold temperatures. It feels almost weightless, even with insulating padding. By using Primaloft Cross Core, the world's lightest padding, you get a running jacket with a low weight overall but provides optimum insulation and ventilation in the right areas.

The padding gives you a heat-protection layer in front, over the shoulders, and down the sleeves to the elbow. A two-way front zip allows you to run with the jacket partially open, either from the bottom or the top. The tailored sleeves, designed to give the best fit, have elastic cuffs at the ends. Laser-cut holes on the back ensure good ventilation. A small pocket on the back with a zipper.

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