Introducing RAW 5.0

DÆHLIE Sportswear challenges tradition and introduces RAW 5.0 - a cutting-edge collection of cross-country skiwear, designed to meet the highest demands of high-performance athletes in functionality, design, and innovation.

Innovation is at the core of everything DÆHLIE stands for. Collaboration with athletes for almost 30 years has defined our brand and identity and affected our choices at every step of the process. To create this new and improved RAW collection, DÆHLIE has sourced the best available technology, enabling you to perform at your peak even in the most demanding weather.

Jacket RAW 5.0: 3-in-1

The multifunctional hybrid jacket with a hood is perfect for cross-country skiing sessions in cold weather where you need an extra insulating layer. For more intense workouts or warmer conditions, you can simply remove the inner vest as well as the hood. The vest itself can be used separately with just a base layer, with or without the hood.

With RAW 5.0, you get a versatile 3-in-1 cross-country ski jacket that meets various needs!

Pants RAW 5.0

Pants RAW 5.0 represent the best of Dæhlies cross-country pants, perfected for sessions in challenging weather conditions. These 3-layer softshell pants feature wind- and water-repellent PU membrane that is constructed to keep water out. This ensures optimal moisture-wicking and quick-drying abilities, yielding maximized breathability throughout your training.

The 4-way stretch material combined with strategically placed elastic panels and the articulated knees provide a full range of movement whilst maintaining ventilation. This allows you to focus fully on pursuing your next best.

Padding in the front of the Pant RAW 5.0 for women, ensures additional insulation in exposed areas.

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Inspired by female pioneers within the running community, we’re dedicating a collection to those who have challenged the established and made way for equal rights. Therefore, we have, for the first time, made a collection just for women.